I don't remember when I fell in love with photos. I think that I have always loved them. I fell in love with photography after I did a little shoot with my model of a little sister. I remember going home and thinking, "There's a part of me that was made for this." I have no formal training, and I have so much to learn. My photos are almost completely unedited. I am not a fan of flashy filters or lots of Photoshop. I love to see natural beauty, just rich lighting and a sweet smile- to me, that is the definition of stunning. When my clients ask before a session, "Well, what do we wear?" I always tell them that it doesn't really matter to me. I always say, "Your face and hair is all that really matters." I love seeing the looks on people's faces. I love covering special events. I am a commemorator, and I thank you for your support and interest in my litte dream that is slowly coming true.